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Martin Ecosystems
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Welcome to Martin Ecosystems

Martin Ecosystems is an environmental technology company that manufactures and supplies BioHaven® Floating Islands, BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands and EcoShield™. Our products provide cost-effective solutions for a variety of environmental challenges including stormwater and waste water treatment, shoreline protection, bank stabilization and habitat restoration.

Recycled Plastic

Our products use recycled PET plastic bottles to create a matrix material that is the base for growing vegetation. We create floating treatment wetlands, living shorelines, and new marsh. All of which improve our water, our shorelines and our habitats.

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As a family owned business, we are committed to improving our environment and our water.



Endorsed by The Water Institute of the Gulf for shoreline protection & bank stabilization, EPA/Gulf Guardian recipient for waste water treatment, and recognized by Louisiana DEQ for water treatment and environmental community outreach. 
The Water Institute of the Gulf Endorsement; Vegetated EcoShieldimageselplogo5


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