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Martin Ecosystems news…BioHaven Floating Islands are revolutionary. Instead of mimicking or replacing the natural process of water-cleansing, shore protection, and habitat enhancement, our Floating Islands actually stimulate and expedite the natural process.  

We make floating Islands out of recycled plastic water bottles. The islands are planted with native vegetation, become home to wildlife and help to clean the water. They can also be placed near shorelines to reduce erosion by decreasing the impact of waves. 


Martin Ecosystems has enjoyed the opportunity of being featured in regional news articles, industry publications and other media. We invite you to review this information, which also includes our company’s most recent press releases. For more information, or if you are a member of the media who would like to speak with us about our products and their positive impact on shorelines, waste water treatment, stormwater management, habitat creation and more, please contact us.

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Buras Boat Harbor Shoreline Protection Project - Download PDF

Decades of marsh erosion and subsidence along the levees near Joshua’s Marina in Buras, Louisiana, have compromised the integrity of these levees, which protect the coastal community of Buras against storm surge. This project was designed to protect this important infrastructure. The full article can also be read at Land and Water.

Local Youth, Volunteers Plant Nearly 6,000 sq.ft. of New Wetland - Download PDF

When you get kids involved in a worthwhile project, one designed for a common good, factors like politics, cost, timing, or who gets the credit tend to be forgotten.
Those factors are more “adult” in nature and don’t figure into a kid’s view.

CCA Louisiana and Conservation Partners to Build "Floating Islands Near Grand Isle - Download PDF

Coastal Conservation Association’s Building Conservation Trust, in partnership with Shell Oil Company, Entergy, Lafourche Parish, Martin Ecosystems and local students from Holy Rosary Catholic School and Golden Meadow Middle School will join together to help rebuild the coastline off of Louisiana Highway 1 between Fourchon and Grand Isle. This event is held in honor of Earth Day 2015, which is April 22 each year.

Martin Ecosystems Awarded the Environmental Leadership Program Small Business Achievement Award in Community Environmental Outreach - Download PDF

Martin Ecosystems was awarded the Environmental Leadership Program Small Business Achievement Award in Community Environmental Outreach for the Isle de Jean Charles Floating Island Project.

Buras Shoreline Stabilization Project - Download PDF

BURAS, LA – Plaquemines Parish has begun work on the second phase of the Buras Boat Harbor Shoreline Protection Project which involves the creation of a new matting product to be placed on the shoreline. The mat will be installed across a raised berm at mean tide level. Over 600 feet of material was installed in phase one with an additional 4,000 feet currently being installed in phase two of the project. Please see link.


Evolution of an Idea - Download PDF

Louisiana has a serious problem: an eroding coastline. One Baton Rouge firm, Martin Ecosystems, has developed a unique technology to reverse it: floating islands made of a matrix material derived from recycled plastic drinking bottles. With native vegetation planted in holes along its Brillo pad-like surface, the company’s BioHaven Floating Breakwater acts as a bobbing wetland, reducing wave heights and energies, and ultimately mitigating erosion. Best of all, it looks natural: After just six months, the entire island is covered in native vegetation. The product is now installed at nine different locations in Louisiana, has withstood a major hurricane, and last month won a coveted endorsement from The Water Institute of the Gulf for meeting the goals and objectives of the organization’s 2012 Master Plan for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization. Here’s a look at the latest coastal restoration technology that got its start on a hunting trip in Montana.


A New Wetlands Technology for Wastewater Treatment - Download PDF

Floating islands, also known as floating treatment wetlands (FTWs), are a relatively new technology for improving water quality and creating habitat. More than 5,400 floating islands have been installed around the world in the past decade. Island sizes range from small, decorative units to some that are larger than football fields and can be made in any shape or buoyancy. Islands have withstood numerous freeze/thaw cycles, as well as typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes and major snowfalls. Clink link for full article

Martin Ecosystems Recognized for Innovative Coastal Restoration Product - Download PDF

Baton Rouge, LA- The Water Institute of the Gulf recognized Martin Ecosystems for its innovative efforts towards restoring and protecting coastal Louisiana. The local business was selected from 25 applicants participating in the Coastal Innovation Partnership Program. Martin Ecosystems’ product BioHaven® Floating Breakwater (BFB) was endorsed by the Water Institute of the Gulf because it is consistent with the goals and objectives of the 2012 Master Plan for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization The water institute coastal innovative partnership program endorsementprojects.The water institute coastal innovative partnership program endorsement


Innovative U.S. Water Technology Solutions Showcased for Worldwide Audiences - Download PDF

The U.S. Department of State showcased innovative American water technologies at “USTech H2.O,” a half-day event held on Friday, March 21 in Washington, DC in celebration of World Water Day. The stars of the show were 28 game-changing water technologies, developed by Americans, selected by an independent panel of experts, and presented at the Department of State. These technologies included pioneering approaches to water treatment, purification, pumping, monitoring, testing, energy and nutrient recovery, and water plant design. Six top technology providers – Innovative Water Technologies, ProCleanse, AguaClara, Puralytics, Floating Island Solutions, and KII, Inc. – delivered short high-impact on-stage presentations, and 22 of them showcased their solutions in the State Department’s Exhibit Hall.

CCISD Students, Naturalists Team up to Improve Water Quality at a Campus Pond - Download PDF

LEAGUE CITY — A new type of wetland is being created in a detention pond at a campus in League City. Master Naturalists, students and coordinators from the AgriLife extension office are teaming up to build island wetlands that will go into a six-acre detention pond at Clear Creek school district’s Education Village. See link for full article.


CCA Louisiana and partners join forces for Phase II build of Floating Islands - Download PDF

Close to 100 Terrebonne Parish school kids withstood ran in and winds of an incoming cold front to help build Phase II of the Floating Islands Restoration Project at the Isle de Jean Charles boat launch in March in Pointe Aux Chenes.


Jefferson Parish to Build 17 Islands to Protect Lake Pontchartrain Marshes - Download PDF

The latest tool to protect and restore the marshes around Lake Pontchartrain is an island — 17 of them, actually, tiny ones made of plastic and planted with grass. They’ll be towed into the water at Bucktown, where the hope is that they will help attract fish, crabs, birds and other wildlife. See link for full article. 

Shell Exploration and Production Company Receives First Place Gulf Guardian Award for Isle de Jean Charles Floating Island Project (2013) - Download PDF

The Gulf of Mexico Program recently announced Shell Exploration and Production Company will receive a First Place 2013 Gulf Guardian Award in the Environmental Justice/Cultural Diversity Category for their “Saving a Vanishing Culture” Project. Isle de Jean Charles, “Saving a Vanishing Culture” has successfully created over 1,500 linear feet of protective “Recycled Shoreline” called Floating Islands. See link for full press release. 

Martin Ecosystems, LLC Receives Second Place EPA/Gulf Guardian Award in the Business/Industry Category (2013) - Download PDF

The Gulf of Mexico Program recently announced Martin Ecosystem, LLC will receive a Second Place 2013 EPA/Gulf Guardian Award in the Business/Industry Category. The awards ceremony will be held on June 26, 2013, at the Tampa Bay Grand Hyatt beginning at 6PM. The BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetland (BFTW) project at Elayn Hunt Correctional was done to determine…


Floating Treatment Wetlands Improve Stormwater Quality - Download PDF

Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTWs) have significantly reduced nutrient and solid levels in stormwater ponds and have been approved as stormwater best management practices (BMPs) in several jurisdictions. They have been shown to enhance contaminant removal…

Innovative Alternative for Waste Water Impoundment Treatment (2013) - Download PDF

Constructed wetlands have become recognized as a proven, effective water treatment technology that provides a natural way of removing unwanted nutrients and pollution. Wetlands allow contaminants to be uniformly distributed… See link for full article in Land and Water Magazine.  

Bio-island installed at DNR to clean water, provide habitat (2013) - Download PDF

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources installed a floating “bio-island” last week as part of a project to treat water running off roads and parking lots. See link for full article.

Terrebonne Parish School Kids brave the weather to help build Phase II of CCA’s Floating Islands Restoration Project (2013) - Download PDF

Close to 100 Terrebonne Parish school kids withstood rain and winds of an incoming cold front to help build Phase II of the Floating Islands Restoration Project at the Isle de Jean Charles boat launch in Pointe Aux Chenes on Friday. See link for full article.

Martin Ecosystems wins 2013 LA DEQ Environmental Leadership Award (2013) - Download PDF

Today, DEQ hosted the Environmental Leadership Awards. DEQ Secretary Peggy Hatch was joined by Senator Mike Walsworth, chair, Senate Environmental Quality Committee and Representative Gordon Dove, chair, House Natural Resources and Environmental Committee, to recognize environmental achievements at the 2013 ceremony. New and existing members of ELP were commended for their voluntary pollution prevention efforts…


Plastic Bottles Defend Coastline (2013) - Download PDF

The natural erosion of shoreline in Louisiana, USA, threatens homes, livelihoods and wildlife. Local people and government are working hard to protect the land. One novel approach uses recycled plastic bottles to give worn areas new strength. See link for full article.

Floating Islands to the Rescue (2013) - Download PDF

Nutrient pollution is a growing problem along the Upper Mississippi, where water rich in nitrogen and phosphates from crop fertilizer flows directly into the river without the benefit of wetland filtration. See link for full article. 

If You Float it They Will Come (2012) - Download PDF

Boat US Magazine 2012 “Great Ideas” Issue- To anyone interested in coastal Louisiana, it’s no secret that the state has lost thousands of acres of valuable marshland and critical wetlands…

Program links businesses, experts (2012) - Download PDF

The clumps of plant life floating in manure ponds at the LSU AgCenter’s Southeast Research Station are part of a project to identify technology for water treatment.


Round One to the Volunteers (2012) - Download PDF

Floating Islands habitat project marks impressive progress rebuilding Louisiana Marsh. One of the more innovative projects undertaken so far by the CCA Building Conservation Habitat Program is the Floating Islands marsh restoration project in Louisiana.

Recycled PET enlisted to save Louisiana shore (2011) - Download PDF

Almost every hour, the Louisiana coastline loses a football field-sized piece of land. And with it goes the region’s first line of defense against flooding and stability in the seafood, oil and gas industries, said Val Marmillion, managing director of America’s Wetland Foundation in Louisiana.

Exploring new ground (2011) - Download PDF

Terrebonne lies on Louisiana’s shoreline, near the mouth of the Mississippi river. Waves wear away the soft marshland, threatening homes, wildlife and livelihoods. Today an imaginative pilot scheme offers a surprising new line of defence – using recycled plastic bottles. See link for full article.

Floating Islands to Restore Marsh (2011) - Download PDF

A handful of organizations have their fingers crossed that 187 “floating islands” planted near what’s left of the road that leads to Isle de Jean Charles will support existing marshes and create new land, all while raising awareness for those who call the island home. See link for full article.

Hoover Launches Manmade Island - Download PDF

The city of Hoover launched its first manmade floating island Monday afternoon in the lake at Veterans Park off Valleydale Road.


Island of Plastic Drink Bottles and Foam Installed as Lake Feature in Hoover, Alabama - Download PDF

The city of Hoover launched the state’s first manmade floating island this afternoon in the lake at Veterans Park off Valleydale Road. The 480-square-foot island, made by Baton Rouge-based Floating Island Environmental Solutions (Now Martin Ecosystems), was pulled into the middle of the lake by two boats following a news conference. See Link for full Article.


Floating Islands More than Decorative Water Feature (2010) - Download PDF

In a world that is becoming more green conscious, Floating Islands Environmental Solutions (FIES) is a company at the forefront of innovative solutions…

Improving Dairy Wastewater Treatment (2010) - Download PDF

Regulations intended to assure public water safety in the United States have been in place since 1948 under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Until relatively recently, the Clean Water Act of 1972 was applied by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state agencies to limit easily identifiable discharges…

Floating a Business - Firm's man-made islands filter water, boosts habitats (2009) - Download PDF

Bruce Kania experienced the eureka moment nine years ago. Or as he fondly recalls the scene, “the red dog moment” in Montana. He watched in wonderment while Rufus, his black dog of setter-spaniel descent, shook his way onto the banks of the Billings Bench Ditch, a 60 mile agricultural canal that flows…

Islands of Adventure (2009) - Download PDF

Entrepreneur Ted Martin was on an elk hunt in Montana three years ago when he met an inventor with a product called a “floating island.” Far from the French meringue dessert, this floating island was intended to remove pollutants and rebalance bodies of water struggling…