Lake and Pond Management


BioHaven® Floating Islands work in many ways to provide multiple benefits to lake and pond owners. They work above and below the water line to increase fish populations, improve water quality and create wildlife habitat.

Listen to Steve Bardin of Texas Pro Lake Management describe why he is using BioHaven® Floating Islands.

Floating Island Taby Sweden


ABOVE the water line they provide beauty, habitat and protection by:
  • Providing a protective zone in the center of a water body away from predators
  • Creating habitat for wildlife, waterfowl, and their offspring
  • Enhancing the beauty of lakes and ponds with native controlled vegetation



BioHaven Floating Island providing shelter for fish

BELOW the water line, they create prime fishing environments by:
  • Improving water quality and DO
  • Removing unwanted nutrients, ultimately eliminating the causes of fish kills
  • Providing shelter for spawning from birds and other predators
  • Increasing periphyton growth and providing a food source



BioHaven® Floating Islands-The Future of Lake and Pond Management

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