Shoreline Protection & Bank Stabilization

Coastal Restoration and Protection efforts are critical to the survival of many coastal communities across the United States and the world.  With limited funding and large areas to restore & protect, it is a struggle to find cost-effective methods that are sustainable over time. The BioHaven® Floating Breakwater (BFB) and EcoShield™ makes protecting and restoring disappearing coastlines more attainable than ever before.

BioHaven® Floating Breakwater (BFB)

Endorsed by The Water Institute of the Gulf, The BioHaven® Floating Breakwater is a large floating breakwater or floating wave attenuator that utilizes recycled materials and vegetation to create a sustainable green infrastructure product. Due to its ability to float, the BFB is especially applicable in locations where soil quality is poor and not able to support rock or other heavy breakwater solutions.  It is also applicable for pipeline canal entrances, such as in the Blue Hammock Bayou project, where the BFB reduces the amount of erosion and canal opening by attenuating waves and reducing currents flowing into the canal.

Marsh Creation Bayou BienvenueMarsh Creation

By mimicking natural marsh and the naturally occurring processes of coastal ecosystems, the BFB essentially creates new marsh. It floats much like flotant marsh and can adjust with the rise and fall of water levels and tides. The characteristic of floatation all but negates concerns of sinking and settlement for project planning as exists with other technologies being used today.

floating islands isle de jean charles wave attenuation

Shoreline Protection

BFB’s act as a wave breaker reducing wave energies on shorelines in open bays, lakes, and bayous. When placed along a shoreline, BFBs can be used in lakes affected by recreational boat activity as well as fragile coastal habitats impacted by waves. A recent study conducted by the University of South Alabama suggests that the BFB is very effective at attenuating waves such as wind chop.

Floating islands isle de jean charles hurricane isaacSurviving the Storm

BioHaven® Floating Breakwaters have survived hurricane force winds of at least 90 miles per hour and a 5 foot storm surge as was the case during Hurricane Isaac in 2012. While the vegetation appears windblown, the BFB remained anchored in place.

BFBs are manufactured with an engineered bushing for secure anchor point connection. Martin Ecosystems recommends anchoring the BFB with helical anchors.

floating Islands shoreline protectionHabitat Restoration

Floating on top of the water, BioHaven® Floating Breakwaters provide a beautiful habitat for waterfowl and wildlife. Below the surface, suspended roots provide shelter for fish and aquatic life while also working as a filter to remove unwanted nutrients from the water body.

View the case study demonstrating how BFB’s are creating new marsh and protecting the shoreline in the award winning  Isle de Jean Charles Project in Pointe-aux-Chene, Louisiana. The Isle de Jean Charles project along with our project partner, Shell Oil was awarded the 2013 EPA/Gulf Guardian Award and was 1 0f 3 finalists for the 2014 World Petroleum Congress World Excellence Award.

Vegetated EcoShield™

Vegetated EcoShield™Vegetated EcoMatrix

Vegetated EcoShield™ is one of the most environmentally efficient products to protect existing shorelines, levees, berms and terraces, while also promoting vegetative growth and creating a “living shoreline”. Vegetated EcoShield™ combines base matrix layers of proud recycled PET plastic with pre-vegetated matrix strips. The pre-vegetated matrix strips are installed at mean tide, providing immediate protection from war energies while allowing for plant establishment, root growth and ultimately lateral spread.

Close up of Vegetated EcoMatrix

Men rolling Vegetated EcoMatrix strips

More rolls of Vegetated Ecomatrix

Rolls in Trailer

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The system is designed to reduce wave energies and extend the life of levee systems, berms and terraces.