Losing Leeville – From Orange City to Vanishing Cemeteries

June 13, 2013

Photo Credit: Tyrone Turner, National Geographic Magazine

Photo Credit: Tyrone Turner, National Geographic Magazine

Leeville, Louisiana, a small coastal community in southeast Louisiana is literally washing away. Years ago, when my great-grandparents and grandparents lived in Leeville it was called Orange City because of the many citrus trees there. In those days, land could be seen for miles-football fields, orchards, homes, grocery stores, and cemeteries. Today that land has eroded away. There are very few football fields, no citrus trees, and the crumbling cemeteries have become a reminder of all that is lost and what little remains. This leaves many to wonder what will become of Leeville.

In 2008, Martin Ecosystems was founded because we believe that the products we manufacture could play a role in helping to improve the coastal restoration and protection challenges affecting Louisiana and it’s coastal towns like Leeville. When my father was introduced to BioHaven® Floating Technology, he immediately considered whether it had a place in coastal restoration and protection. After years of demo projects, product development and testing, we believe that it does. Our problems will not be solved with a “one size fits all” solution. We need many tools in our toolbox. The BioHaven® Floating Breakwater(BFB) and Vegetated EcoMatrix System just may be some of those tools.

Our products provide shoreline protection and bank stabilization by reducing daily wave energies. They create new marsh, trap sediments and reduce unwanted pollutants and nutrients. They are cost-effective, easy to install, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

We are a family owned and operated business founded on a desire to protect a little fishing village filled with history and heritage—Our history, Our heritage.

We hope that you will take a look at our new website and see the potential that our products have in helping to protect our coast, and also find that we have much more to offer.