Vegetated EcoShield™ |Bank Stabilization

Vegetated EcoShield™: A New Line of Defense for Shoreline Protection and Bank Stabilization

Levees, berms, and terraces are some of our best lines of defense to protect coastines, yet they are susceptible to scouring and erosive waves. Vegetated EcoShield™ provides a cost-effective way to protect shorelines and bank stabilization while extending the life of these projects, reducing maintenance costs, and providing immediate protection.

EcoSheild™ Buras Harbor

Create Living Shorelines

Vegetated EcoShield™ represents the cutting-edge of the emerging Green Infrastructure revolution. By creating a “living shoreline” it protects and stabilizes, levees, berms and terraces. 

Vegetated EcoShield™ is one of the most environmentally efficient products to protect existing shorelines, levees, berms, and terracing from erosion, while promoting vegetative growth and creating a “living shoreline”.

vegetated ecomatrixPre-vegetated Barrier

Vegetated EcoShield™ combines un-vegetated base matrix layers with vegetated matrix strips to create an innovative product that offers shoreline protection by protecting reducing wave energies and extending the life of levee systems, berms, and terracing. It is a new multi-use technology that can be manufactured in a variety of sizes suitable for a variety of shorelines. Vegetation planted can be of any type, freshwater or saltwater,  allowing the project to be designed for a specific location while optimizing for greater success.


In 2015, Vegetated EcoShield™ received the endorsement of The Water Institute of the Gulf for both shoreline protection and bank stabilization.

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